I knew that blogging regularly might be a challenge given an already hectic life (and hence slow living aspirations!). I had, however, reckoned without: no internet for a fortnight, two flat car tyres to sort, a bout of illness and, somewhat dramatically, having to evacuate our house because of a gas leak!

Anyway, I’ve not forgotten my aspirations, so on with the blog…

I’ve a confession to make, one that doesn’t sit well with my love of nature and the outdoors. I’m really a (*whispers*) fair-weather person. In the winter I have to fight a natural urge to hibernate.  So when it comes to getting outdoors and connecting with nature in January, I’m not very good at it and the sofa often looks pretty appealing. Last weekend, though, was a bit of a gift – beautiful white sunshine, clear blue skies. We took the boys to see the wild swans at Welney, Norfolk and sat in a big heated hide with massive windows watching hundreds of swans, ducks and wading birds gather below us.

They had been fed which bought them super-close and the lake had partly frozen meaning we got to see lots of birds ice skating to the delight of my boys. It was frosty, sparkly, sunny, warm, there was tea, there was lemon drizzle cake. Perfect!

Less so the weekend before when it was peeing it down the whole weekend. My husband had suggested that we take the boys to find crayfish in some old watercress beds down the road and then grab a hot chocolate in the pub nearby. I was quite up for this until the rain . Then he said we should go anyway. Urgh. I deferred till the afternoon when it was supposedly brightening up. It didn’t. I honestly think if it hadn’t been for this blog I wouldn’t have gone. My husband offered to take the boys without me and I so nearly said OK great! I pictured myself clearing up a few bits round the house with something fun on the telly in the background. But then he looked at me, “Isn’t this the sort of thing you’re supposed to be doing this year?”


I went, grumpily. It was cold and 100% wet. But our clothes were warm(ish) and waterproof (enough) and it was kind of fun.

It was fun because the boys loved it everytime I turned over a big stone and revealed lots of water shrimps and slimy wiggly things, because we found a tiny jumpy frog, because it was a bit daft to be standing in a stream in the rain in our wellies in January and because we had hot chocolates and skinny fries with ketchup in the pub.

OK, so I am not going to pretend that this wouldn’t be a nicer spot in late spring/early summer, paddling bare foot and drying off in the sun with ice creams but I’m glad we got out there. And we’ve pretty much got through January for another year which is certainly to be celebrated.  Though I’ll also be celebrating when the gas men come back and mend all the big holes in our drive and the road outside our house!

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