I have started this blog to share my experiences and thoughts as I try to slow my life down in 2017 and make space for more adventures, camp fires, slowly cooked meals, celebrating nature and the seasons, and spending good times with family and friends… And less clutter, lateness and laundry.

Currently I’m:

  • Excited about the new year
  • A bit hungover from celebrating the new year
  • Planning a glamping trip for warmer times
  • Doing the laundry



Chief stick hunter

Why big stick, little stick?

Walking in the woods with my 4 and 2 year old at 0.01 miles an hour sorting through and categorising each stick, branch or twig on the woodland path, I am forced to curb my natural urge to rush ahead, obliged to stop, breathe, take in my surroundings. “Look Mummy, really big stick!” “Mummy, look at this stick!” “Tiny stick!” “Huge stick!” All of the sticks. And somehow the seeds of inspiration for a blog.